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"Distances and time and space aren't fucked up, you are."

I’m firmly aware that today and monday are gonna be hard work, so you’ll get yesterday’s selfie in a 3 pack with today’s and tomorrow’s. 

Finding out that one of my friends has levels of ki projection and control just through meditation that I would balk at trying to achieve through invocation.


Weak ass punks being proud of using “Thus” in their essays while I’m slinging around “Heuristic conceptions” and “Abject humiliation”

Can’t match my game kids.

Could it be possible I use too many rhetorical questions in my writing?

Of course, one can reasonably argue that such processes are the aggressive impulse being justified and rationalised, but whatever am I right?

—I may be tiring of writing this bullshit essay

One of my sources in this essay is a work by Freud that has neither been disproven nor frequently disputed.

I think I hear some pigs warming up for takeoff out my window.

Hey party goers down the road, your loud plebeian bass is fucking up my enjoyment of the true patrician minimal I’m using to power my essay writing.

Kindly celebrate the death of your saviour a little more quietly.

Evil Feminist interviews Heath Atom Russell

A lot of the terms (And views I guess) used in here are outdated or otherwise problematic, but it is a very important video and you should all watch it.

What makes it particularly interesting is that it’s a sex/gender discussion that’s neither the conservative level point of view or the tumblr level point of view. A different perspective on things.

Actively not condemning or supporting this, just saying that it is here and is interesting.